All public events will be online

When we are not under restrictions, the Ann Arbor KTC meets on Sundays at 10 and 11:15 am, and Wednesdays at 7 pm.


7:00 pm Quiet sitting meditation. Basic instruction can be provided.

After the meditation we explore the teachings of Buddhism and the Karma Kagyu lineage through discussion of books, tapes, videos or other material, and offer an opportunity to ask questions.


10:00 am: Sadhana paractice. A sadhana is a formal practice that includes chanting, visualization, mantra repetition and meditation. Texts with pronunciation and translation are provided. Don’t feel you have to chant, you are welcome to just observe and read the English translation.

11:15 am: 3 Yanas Sunday Service, a variety of meditation practices interspersed with short Dharma talks and instruction by Lama Nancy Burks.